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Our Why
We strongly believe that dogs (& all pets for this matter) deserve the best life we can give them. Don't you?
It is through this belief we have started our journey to supporting the health of pets worldwide.
Although their time with us may be short & for many of us much shorter than we would like. We get to choose how we care for them, & how/what we choose plays a massive role in not only their lives but ours as well.
We deeply believe that by improving the quality of their time with us, by default this will improve ours as too. Creating happier,  healthier & better lives for a more enjoyable household. Something we all should have!
Our premium oil is the perfect natural tool for supporting a system so few of us know much about, our ESC. (Endocannabinoid System) 
Through the natural synergetic powers of Cannabinoids (The most commonly known cannabinoid being CBD) we can support this system so it can operate to the best of its ability. This system is present not only in our human bodies but in our pet's as well.
There is proof all over the internet of what this oil is doing for pets all around the world, it isn't a question of IF it works. It's a question of WHEN are you going to make the choice.
Let us help you, help them.
We are Vet approved 
You can rest assured knowing our product has been confirmed by a professional with a doctor’s degree in veterinary medicine. 

To obtain the complete range of cannabinoids, terpenes & other beneficial phytonutrients we use C02 extraction. This method of extraction produces a much more potent blend and requires no harsh chemical solvents that are harmful to your dog.
Worried about CBD hemp oil that’s non-GMO? CBDOG's got you covered, with the best non-GMO CBD oil out there. We are proud to say that CBDOG broad spectrum CBD oil uses exclusively non-GMO hemp to create our CBD oil products. We only use Colorado-grown, organic, non-GMO hemp.
CBDOG's Broad Spectrum CBD oil has all of the good stuff, & none of the bad stuff. With 0% THC, you can relax knowing there are no phychoactive ingredients in your dogs health supplment. (The ingredient in canabis that gets you high).

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