3 CBD Mistake Pet Owners Make

Hey Dog lovers 🐶
How are you?
People make three common mistakes when purchasing CBD oil for their pets, and we are here to make sure you DONT get ripped off or waste your money.
We are here to help you create results, not regrets. 

Top 3 most common mistakes

#1 Wrong Dosage Amount
As we know, the amount of CBD per bottle is significant. We also know that if you buy a low potency bottle and only give your dog a few drops, you won't notice any MAJOR effects. Check the bottle/box, and get clear on what you want out of the oil before purchasing.
#2 Bought Hemp Seed Oil - NOT CBD OIL
We also know that there are companies out there that will happily trick you out of your money. Giving you a product that you think is one thing, but it's another.
They might say "Hemp Extract" on the label when it's just Hemp seed oil. While it has fantastic benefits still, it 100% does not contain any CBD.
If you ever see a Hemp Extract oil, make sure you check the label. If it doesn't have CBD on the supplement facts, chances are it doesn't have CBD in it.
#3 Buying CBD Isolate
While CBD isolates on its own is great, it won't have the same effects as a broad or full-spectrum oil. There is no entourage effect. Therefore the cannabinoids don't work together to reach a more significant result.
We can assure you these are three mistakes you won't be making when you purchase CBDOG's oil.
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