How do I give my Dog CBD?

There are so many different ways to take/use CBD. The most popular and highest prescribed way is oral via oil or capsule containing oil. Among the many ways humans can use CBD, you will find it in capsules, oils & dog treats for pets.

Oral ingestion is the easiest way (currently) to give your dog CBD. CBD products swallowed or injected all pass through the gut and went to the liver to get broken down. This process is called the "first-pass effect," which means less of the active cannabinoids like CBD & other cannabinoids get directly into the bloodstream. When it goes through the gut and into the liver, we receive less of the good stuff!

One way to bypass this is to put the CBD oil drops directly under the tongue and leave it there for as long as possible before ingesting it. I know what you're thinking. How on earth do I get my dog to do this... and the ONLY and straightforward answer is, you try. Chances are you'll get it under there for a short while, but longer than if you drop it directly onto their tongue. 

The reason we leave it under the tongue is that the membranes in our's and our dog's mouths may transfer this compound to the bloodstream directly, bypassing the liver. Meaning they get more of the good stuff! Depending on how long it is in their mouth, the skin on the inside of their mouth may absorb directly into the bloodstream. 

If you are struggling to give your dog CBD, an effective method I have personally tried is mixing the CBD oil with peanut butter on a spoon. We all know dogs love peanut butter!! It has also been said that cannabinoids are "fat loving," whether this has an additional effect, we are yet to find out. However, I can confirm my dog loved this method!